Recruiter to contact: Evon Gadsden
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. egadsden - at - hkaa.com
Phone: 864-336-2359
Job Title: Field Service Technicians
Job Number: 157083-4
Location: Rockport/Albion, IN
Compensation: DOE
Assignment Length: Contract-

There will be two separate projects in Indiana. One in Spencer County (Rockport) and one in Noble County. The one in Spencer County will need 5 field technicians, and the one in Noble County will need 3 field technicians.
The qualified archaeological field technician will perform a variety of tasks associated with archaeological fieldwork on CRM projects.
Tasks include field excavations (e.g. shovel testing, test unit excavation, shovel skimming), screening soils, recordation of field notes, the ability to use field equipment such as GPS units and digital cameras, and artifact processing.
Physical demands of the position include manual labor (e.g. hand excavation with shovels and lifting buckets of dirt), prolonged walking over different terrains while carrying field equipment, and dealing with a variety of weather conditions.
Travel is required with a duration ranging from days to months.

High School Diploma or GED required
BA or BS in Anthropology or related field.
Must have had an archaeological field school and/or 6 months of CRM field experience.
Must have a working knowledge of the standard equipment and field methods associated with CRM projects (Phase I-III investigations).

Thank you,
Lisa Kennedy
Recruiting Coordinator

www.cenergypartners.com http://cp.mcafee.com/d/avndy0Q920srhovjvvposodTdIIII6zAttcSOOOMqehPbxJBBBwQszHICT7TTxPzX1IY-I28a9BtTBPpcHKYKrstopod7bz_nVxwQsL3xP_nKnjpupVVWXX31EVWyaqRQRrK9YG7DR8OJMddICQkjt-jLuZXTLuVKVI07prBrqX_YLy68y82xAd5D28j5A1Edt5MG5hEi5182gJcbh84228Q6hQ150d3gQds512wo2slBBGE3Dw50oQswg3090A9Q2psryWW5XBAOOQ9xCwM8W0Ml82goj72UqUa38c5gK1NIr6NrRmioo50m0MO0U3wAw1MfVd0sg38Q6io2BJ5wm0Uby92wOWcAgen5T3Mah5M8Ic2B0ip40618lr0A1wi1kgazt4ol3aEM1gGaA0C7C0ahgh3Qh0ihp2rqeTocibxUjmKdmc4r2zMoHtIMdfwOAD7PPRplG18ImKbe1UQb1fkS0OmKdI1wcQp5i8mfLX9xmFEV6x01Aq9Cfhay9ccm2ObMov3NrrCbm41Iro1xlYp0k5ziP0I2XBkO8Tsq0xwGeYdbi5XI2wK80A1QqEAWFTAerr33VxZxYp8ygjd7d_u2X95oyyYI1QObybNYry28uYy7Lh0FJYy1SgMweQ1NofGXs9wghj6yMultK0ESeu5202R41O8cc6zCUx4w92wOogKogls302zxIy-dW18SlsaIT6MfX8uY6yjPUnuj8CzAszkeEycPKd46iFdwic9GAgSRMQw8enZcr0Ew91c5L6n3b1EV9Ahsn38jQ20eWm9A24naeywycxqEj0uwld78K93qG1EVsbn8KKEcfCzByIk0at4yO8M6DP3y8M95UJNrtdNGg-c-8iyxjjPMlrUv4ymmScUv6DbCPhPuWbVI5zihEw43PPh1ih66PrzVEwtH5npQdFLCW44O



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