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C Dimensions seeks experienced archeological technicians in Arkansas
immediately for Phase I survey. Applicants should be from Arkansas,
Missouri, or nearby areas of surrounding states. Must have: Minimum BA or
nearly completed BA with field school; positive attitude; ability to work in
very demanding upland environments with up to 10 miles of hill and mountain
hiking and physical labor all day; excellent work ethic; desire to learn and
implement new skills as needed; good communication skills. Work will
usually be 9-10 hour days with weekends off (some weekends might be 3 day)
when weather does not interrupt our ability to field.

Housing is currently in small motels, cabins, or other in remote areas that
might or might not always have wireless connections or cell coverage,
although we make efforts to provide as much of that as possible. Positions
with some skill set expansions/upward mobility are planned for the right
candidates. In addition, entry level (nearing BA or recent BA with
accredited North American field school) applicants with the desire and
ability to work hard, as well as the other requirements listed above, will
also be considered.

Email CV and references (with current contact information including both
email and phone) of senior supervisors (Field Directors, Senior Crew Chiefs,
PIs) who are familiar with your work ability and performance in the field
(not just your crew chief and not your friends) for at least your last three
CRM (or other jobs if you have limited recent CRM experience). Entry level
applicants should provide senior supervisor references for your last three
jobs of any kind.

Personnel are needed immediately. If you have recently sent a resume (in
the last 3 months), you can just email me and I probably still have it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Judy Hennessee Cooper, MA, RPA

Owner, Executive Director

C Dimensions

3913 Branch Hollow Dr

Plano, TX 75023
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