March 24th 2016 ShovelBums Newsletter

Download the March 24th ShovelBums Newsletter in PDF format 150+ Field Schools now online at ShovelBums! Field Schools  Over 150 field schools are online and ready for your viewing. Summaries of each are below. If you have not submitted your field school yet and you want to reach over 17,000 professionals immediately post yours on ShovelBums for only $25. And if you can't swing the $25? Drop me a note and I will waive the fee. it is a terrible business model, but it is the best for your program and for your potential students.  You can submit your field school using this link:    Submit Your Field School Heading to Disney for the SAA's? Have as much of a blast as archaeologists can at Disney! And don't be a bunch of pretentious curmudgeons, relax, have some fun! I was hoping to be able to make it this year but just can't justify it in my...
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