What is the #1 job Brits daydream about giving up their 9-5 for?

You guessed the obvious (considering the source ;-) folks! That is right, Archaeology! 

Yep - 24% of Brits sampled in a 2,000 person survey listed Archaeology as the number one job they daydream about giving up their regular 9-5 job (you know, the ones with benefits, insurance, vacation, and co-workers with a slightly above average sense of acceptable hygiene). And of this sample one in four women surveyed choose archaeology as their number one choice of new profession. 

But...you know what the #2 and #3 jobs were? Treasure Hunter (21%) and Adventurer (21%). Somehow I think these people surveyed might have a slightly distorted idea of what these "jobs" entail...and is "Adventurer" really even a job? The survey did find that in this sample set people spent about 12 minutes a day fantasizing about a different career. It also found that four in ten have also looked into moving out of Britain to find a different job. 

This survey might not be the most scientific in the world because it was commissioned in support of the release of a new season of Swamp People on Freeview. But it is an interesting enough result to share. I did find another survey that the company commissioned in relation to "bad interview questions" which included a question about their dream job. Archaeology also made this list, but it was further down with other jobs such as Food/Drink Taster, (8.10%), Writer, (7.90%), and Sports Person, (7.80%) beating it out (no percentage given for archaeology). 

Here are the top ten jobs Brits (who like to watch Swamp People) would like to have:

1. Archaeologist (24%)

2. Treasure hunter (21%)

3. Adventurer (21%)

4. Law enforcement (12%)

5. Gold miner (9%)

6. Hunter or gamekeeper (6%)

7. Extreme goods haulage (5%)

8. Lumberjack (5%)

9. Deep sea fisherman (5%)

10. Animal wrangler (4%)


Here are some pics of what we know archaeology really looks like!

And it is not Indiana Jones (or Janes!) life out there like most articles like to portray! 



Archaeologist: Phyllis Johnson

Allison Mangin's photo of Phyllis Johnson showing what real archaeologists look like. In the rain!


Archaeologist: Ann Wycoff Raab

Field school in Bates County, Mo. Photo Credit L. Mark Raab

Archaeologist: Jamie Morrow

Teaching high school field school students to Think & Dig! This is from Jamie's work at Cypress Cove Farm Archaeology. You can follow their work (and like their page while you are at it!) here: https://www.facebook.com/CypressCoveArch/

Archaeologist: Paul Callsen

4 years ago in downtown Miami on a multi-component site: pre-historic village, Ft Dallas from 3rd Seminole War and late 19th century Flagler Hotel. Note solution holes in bedrock and hotel veranda piling above water bottle. It's hot and humid in September in Miami!


Archaeologist: Marsha K Welch

The caption says it all!


Hat tip to Dr. Everson's Anthro News on facebook for finding this story. You can follow Anthro News at https://www.facebook.com/LCAnthropologyInTheNews/

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