Acra cancels live webinar "CRM in the Age of Trump" and releases canned video.

[Please share this timely update] Methinks #ACRA does not understand momentum. Because over 2,000 people registered for the live webinar "CRM in the age of Trump" they decided to cancel it because they were worried they could not support the bandwidth (hello, anyone heard of Amazon web services?).  So instead ACRA decide to pre-recorded it this AM for #CRMArch's and release it like a podcast(*). Boring. Regardless. We all need to watch this video and come up to speed on what likely will be rapidly changing laws in our profession.

You can watch the ACRA video here:

Here is a transcript of the video:

You can fill out the survey here:


(*) On the positive side, my basement flooded this weekend so I don't have to stop cleaning to watch it live now! :-)


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