Has Dr. Nicolas Reeves found Nefertiti's tomb behind a hidden wall in Tutankhamun’s tomb?


Nicholas Reeves from the School of Anthropology, University of Arizona got to give  the interview quote ever archaeologist wants to give in their life:


To be honest, I feel numb,” Nicholas Reeves, the archaeologist

who first proposed the existence of the hidden rooms,

said in his Luxor hotel room, after inspecting the tomb. “This has been part of my life now on a daily basis for more than a year.

"If I'm wrong, I'm wrong," Reeves told the BBC. "But if I'm right, the prospects are frankly staggering.


Nicholas Reeves and Egypt’s antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty  inspect the wall of King Tutankhamun's tomb

So what is the fuss?

Factum Arte, a Spanish group specializing in the replication of artistic works, conducted detailed scans of Tutankhamun’s tomb for a replica model. Nicholas examined the high resolution images and saw fissures that he believes indicate the presence of two sealed doors in the tomb's north and west walls. With genetic evidence suggesting that Nefertiti (D: 1331 B.C.) is the mother of Tutankhamun (D: 1323 B.C.) and some peculiarities in the layout of Tutankhamun's tomb (i.e. when you enter to you turn right, which was traditionally how a queens tomb was set up) it is possible another tomb, possibly Nefertiti's could be behind one of these fissures.

Tutankhamun's Tomb Room

And if this discovery proves correct, will Steve Martin make a new Egyptian song?

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