"Kindred Spirits" sculpture in Cork, Ireland to honor Choctaw who helped Irish settlers during famine

Rendering of "Kindred Spirits" sculpture
"kindred spirits" sculpture detail
Choctaw helping the Irish
The Long March - A story about the Choctaw helping during the Irish Famine
"Kindred Spirits" sculpture in Cork, Ireland to honor Choctaw who helped Irish settlers during famine   16 years after the Choctaw and other "civilized" tribes had endured the Trail of Tears and been forcefully relocated to Oklahoma the great potato famine of was spreading in Ireland. While numerous crops were grown in great quantity in Ireland, Britain had earmarked all of them for export as they were "money crops". The consumables that remained were priced to high for the local Irish Catholic farmers who could only afford the domesticated and easy to grow Irish Lumper that the poor had become dependent on. In the United Stated and its territories relief efforts were engaged in by numerous agencies to collect money and supplies to help out the famine victims in Ireland. A group of Choctaw people in Scullyville, Oklahoma area had heard of the plight of Irish and a number of Choctaw gathered on March 23, 1847 to collect funds to...
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10 Quotes by Chief Luther Standing Bear (Ota Kte) - Oglala Lakota chief (December 1868-February 20, 1939)

Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Lakota
Chief Luther Standing Bear (Ota Kte - "Plenty Kill" or "Mochunozhin")  Chief Luther Standing Bear (Ota Kte)  (December 1868-February 20, 1939) was  an Oglala Lakota chief  holds a fascinating place in relation to the Native American sphere. He was born into a period of time where he could still be immersed in the oral traditions and his native culture. But he was also educated at the  Carlisle Indian Industrial School, traveled with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, lived on the reservation, worked and taught school ($300 month) at the Rosebud agency in South Dakota, met King Edward VII of England and went on to write important books from the perspective of a Native American who understood how to communicate to the encroaching populations. His works helped to develop an appreciation for what Native American culture could offer other and helped to created popular support for helping to bring about positive changes to government policies towards Indians. Here are...
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