April 12th 2016 ShovelBums Field Schools Guide. [1 Attachment]

Hi Folks,

There are now over 165 field schools available via ShovelBums.org. Summaries of each are below.

If you have not submitted your field school yet and you want to reach over 17,000 professionals immediately post yours on ShovelBums for only $25. And if you can't swing the $25? Drop me a note and I will waive the fee. it is a terrible business model, but it is the best for your program and for your potential students.

You can submit your field school using this link: http://shovelbums.net/index.php/add-your-archaeology-field-school

Please share this PDF or this link to the field schools www.ShovelBums.org within your own social networking sphere, Anthro/ Soc Deparment mailing list/ Anthro club/etc...

ShovelBums has always worked by word of mouth to get information about jobs and field schools out and your continued support is always appreciated. Working together is the only way we will all succeed.

So why should you attend a field school?

Attending field school is a once in a lifetime opportunity. A field school does not even have to be in your preferred area of study. A field school is your opportunity to understand how archaeology and CRM works away from the constraints of a university setting. And chances are you will be working on some of the greatest sites in a region and/or the most stunning areas.

What field school gives you is an introduction (with credits!) to a different life. Even if Archaeology, etc... is not your final career destination it is your opportunity to experience something very few others have. And for those of you who stay? The professional relationships you foster in field school will still be there at the end of the line.

Make the most of it. Go for it. Tell your parents R. Joe said it is a good idea ;-)


R. Joe

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