Archaeology Technicians for Battle Mountain, NV BLM


Working collaboratively with BLM Battle Mountain District, the Great Basin Institute is recruiting four (4) AmeriCorps members to serve as Archaeology Technicians to support a variety of activities relating to the Battle Mountain cultural resources database and field survey workload targets. Specific tasks include: (1) Perform NHPA Section 106 inventories for in-house projects, i.e. Fuels and vegetation treatment projects, grazing permit renewals, gravel pits, spring ex-closures, etc.; (2) Write reports and sites forms in compliance with the latest edition of the Guidelines and Standards for Archaeological Inventory; (3) Maintain and update the GIS database, shape files will be submitted to NVSHPO for inclusion into NVCRIS, as needed; (4) Maintain and update the cultural paper files as needed.

Compensation and Timeline:
(3) Archaeology jobs in Cottonwood, Idaho
February Jobs summary to Feb 12th and just where i...

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