March 24th 2016 ShovelBums Newsletter

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150+ Field Schools now online at ShovelBums!

Field Schools 

Over 150 field schools are online and ready for your viewing. Summaries of each are below.

If you have not submitted your field school yet and you want to reach over 17,000 professionals immediately post yours on ShovelBums for only $25. And if you can't swing the $25? Drop me a note and I will waive the fee. it is a terrible business model, but it is the best for your program and for your potential students. 

You can submit your field school using this link: 


Submit Your Field School

Heading to Disney for the SAA's?

Have as much of a blast as archaeologists can at Disney! And don't be a bunch of pretentious curmudgeons, relax, have some fun!

I was hoping to be able to make it this year but just can't justify it in my budget. Anyone who has attended a conference out of pocket will understand that! :-)

2015 Summary 

I am in the process of finalizing ShovelBums LLC taxes for 2015 and currently I am missing payments for about 45% of the postings on ShovelBums in 2015. I am reaching out to those who submitted jobs in 2015 to work with them to help get my books cleared off. 


Have you found a job or field school through ShovelBums? Do you want to have eternal good field and lab karma? Well fret no more my friend! The deal always has been there is never a charge for you to find jobs or field schools on ShovelBums *but* if you have found one (or many) of either and we meet at some point I will never turn down a beer and hearing about your adventures. But the reality is I rarely make it to conferences so you can buy me a beer virtually using this link below. By doing so you too can ensure yourself eternal good karma, always sharp and functioning tools, and so little body order after long sessions in the field and lab that your friends might wonder if the lilacs are in bloom.  See what your peers below enjoy by clicking the link below!

Many thanks to your peers below who have entered The Hall Of The Chosen

Robert B - Morrison, IL 

Kara K - Highland, UT 

Matt S - Kennard, NE 

Yvette O - St, Aiea, HI 

Alexander A - Havertown, PA 

Donald W - Deerfield Beach, FL 

Stephen D - Springfield, MO 

Will B - Chandler, AZ 

Anne H - Grove City, PA 

Russell W - Redmond, WA 

Lesley H - Phoenix, AZ 

Nick R - Phoneix AZ

John K - Elgin, IL 

Kathleen S - New Orleans, LA 

Lisa Kelley - West Des Moines, IA 

Michele W - Ronks, PA 

John B - Lafayette, IN 

Michael P - Los Angeles, CA 

James Moses - Prescott, AZ 

Mandy Ranslow - Windsor Locks, CT

Joanne Minerbi, - Los Angeles, CA

Seabrook Griffin -  Citrus Heights, CA 

Jason F - Vernon Center, NY 

Marsha W - Nashville, TN

Julie S, - Fort St John, British Columbia

Elisa B - Dover, DE 

Charles P - St. Cloud, MN 

David W - Batavia, NY 

Natalie S - Fort Collins, CO

Karen M - Tampa, FL 

Lance M - North Salt Lake, UT

Camille J - Aberdeen, MD

Shawn F - Kailua Kona, HI 

Christopher K - Atlanta, GA 

Tracy E - Anaheim, CA

Heather M - Chapel Hill

Kenneth H - Peotone, IL 

Jay N - Tucson, AZ 

Dana M - Savannah, GA 

Peter K - Dayton, OH 

Ryan G - Logan, UT 

Tim W - Escondido, CA 

Yvette O - HONOLULU, HI 

Richard F - BeaverDam, VA 


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Buy stuff, look great for the holidays!  It helps support ShovelBums and makes you look a lot cooler in the field!  Buying, wearing and sticking your ShovelBums gear has been proven to:


* Increase Per-Diem
* Keep trowels magically sharp
* Make Sharpies never run dry
* Decrease body odor
* Eliminate flatulence (in some cases, black and tans not so much)
* Make artifacts easier to clean
* Not get you the crappy company vehicle
* Prevent holes in your screen

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