EnviroSystems Management Seeking Arch Technicians for Inventory Work in UTAH

EnviroSystems Management, Inc. is seeking several experienced Archaeological Field Technicians for intensive cultural resource inventories in southwestern Utah beginning June 14, 2017 and extending through mid-July. Good potential exists for additional archaeological survey in Arizona (and elsewhere) following the fieldwork in Utah. Qualified candidates should ideally possess a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology/Anthropology/or related field and have completed an accredited archaeological field school, coupled with actual inventory/survey work experience. Demonstrated experience performing archaeological surveys in a cultural resources management setting, using Trimble GPS units for site mapping, and documenting artifact assemblages in the Eastern Great Basin and Colorado Plateau geographic/cultural regions is preferred. The ability to walk up to 10 miles a day across varied terrain is required. Individuals must be capable of recognizing historic/prehistoric cultural resources, documenting artifacts and sites on standardized recording forms, and communicating well and working cooperatively with crew members and supervisors. We want enthusiastic, team-oriented individuals who possess a strong work ethic and sufficient skills to function at a high level of competency.

Field technicians are expected to have their own personal survey gear (backpack, water bottles, clipboard, measuring tape/ruler, writing implements, etc.). All the scheduled fieldwork requires camping, so field personnel need to be equipped and prepared to camp for up to 8-9 consecutive days. Fieldwork and camping locations are often in remote areas where cell phone/wireless coverage is intermittent or nonexistent.

The usual work schedule will consist of 8 10-hour days (typically Wed to Wed) followed by 6 days off. SCA wage rates apply to all upcoming fieldwork and vary by location, but generally range between $18 and $22 per hour depending on an individual's qualifications and experience. Travel to and from the project site is not paid. Per diem is $40 per full work day (i.e., per diem may be prorated for travel time at the start and end of each session).

If interested, please email a current resume with references to EnviroSystems Cultural Resources Program Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Only qualified candidates need apply.

Thanks in advance for posting, Joe. We haven't had to use your wonderful service in quite some time, so I'm hopeful we get some good hits.
Cheers, Lynn

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