Let's be honest here. Ever generation has had its own ugly reaction to refugees.


[ShovelBums.Org] Non-Job posting - ACRA webinar - The CRM Industry in the Age of Trump

Folks, My apologies for this non-job announcement. I just feel that this is extremely important information that we will all find useful. ACRA has made an announcement you can read about and register for below. Please share this with your relevant networks. Best, R. Joe From ACRA: The outcome of the 2016 elections will likely have a profound impact on the CRM industry. We anticipate the Trump Administration and new Congress will attempt to repeal or weaken the legal framework on which our industry is built. ACRA's government relations consultant, Marion Werkheiser, will brief participants on transition plans for the Trump administration, expectations for the new Congress, and ways that ACRA is organizing to respond to these challenges. This webinar will be held at 2pm Eastern on November 28. When 11/28/2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Location Webinar Register Free Registration – Free      
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Admit it. SNL is going to be awesome again for the next four years!

You know it is true!

Donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's name


The 2016 election polls are not wrong. You are.

 Folks, You need to put this to rest and focus your energy on making things better. The polls were not ever wrong. All the polls showed you was the *likelihood* of an outcome. No one ever said Trump would categorically lose. The majority of the polls just said that it was most likely he would not win, but there was always a very reasonable chance he would. If you are diagnosed with a disease and you are told that with 100% certainty you will pass away in a month, the odds are not in your favor. But if you are told you have a 28.6% chance of not passing away you will walk away thinking "That's good, I have a chance". So please quit obsessing over the polls.    Images from 538    
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Will Donald Trump dispense with Section 106 when building his "wall"

Will Donald Trump dispense with Section 106 and environmental laws when building his "wall". And if not, who will we bill our hours to? Will we just send the invoices directly to Mexico?
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With climate denier Myron Ebell as Trump's pick to run the EPA what is the future for Historic Preservation?

Myron Ebell a well known climate denier who revels in making academics squirm has been picked by Trump's to run the EPA. An agency Trump has sworn to dismantle because it is a job killer. What are your thoughts on the future of historic preservation under this administration?  According to documents Trump does not have a great track record of being interested in preserving history. Especially if it stands in the way of his timeline. From the article "The Trump Files: When Donald Destroyed Historic Art to Build Trump Tower" "To build his skyscraper, Trump first had to knock down the Bonwit Teller building, a luxurious limestone building erected in 1929. The face of the building featured two huge Art Deco friezes that the Metropolitan Museum of Art wanted to preserve. The museum asked Trump to save the sculptures and donate them, and the mogul agreed—as long as the cost of doing so wasn't too high. But...
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#2018 #MidTermElections

  #2018 #MidTermElections

When the class bully almost wins

Folks, It is election day and we are all exhausted. This has been an election for the record books in terms of how outlandish it was and how it normalized behavior we would have thought outrageous on a SNL skit only a year ago.  I consider myself to be a reasoned liberal. i.e. I will give anyone a fair chance to explain their perspective. And as long as they are drawing upon established facts or well supported arguments I can at the very least agree to disagree with them. But something has changed in our electorate. Well not so much changed as has become dominate in our conversation. And that is people, and the news presenting and taking opinions and speculation as fact or treating them as well supported arguments. And they are not. The unfortunate upshot of this is that after the primaries were over those who supported Hillary should have rallied behind her. But...
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ICC begins historic trial for the destruction of Cultural Heritage

Destruction of a Timbuktu Mausoleum in 2012The trial of Ahmed Al Faqi al-Mahdi, known as Abu Tourab opened today August 22nd at the International Criminal Court (ICC). This trial is important because the ICC prosecutor is only charging Mahdi with the destruction of cultural property, which gives the case significance as it opens the door to helping to prosecute others who have violated cultural property. This charge has not been used before, but the destruction of cultural heritage has had the potential to be prosecuted as a war crime under the Rome Statute of 1998 that established the ICC. Enforcing this statute sets a precedent for similar cases such as ISIL’s destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra last year (which is complicated by Syria not being a signatory) Ahmed Al Faqi al-Mahdi was head of the Ansar Dine Islamic morality brigade during their occupation of Timbuktu, Mali, from April 2012 to January 2013. During this period Mahdi is accused by the ICC of war crimes for...
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How to prevent a poison ivy rash from occurring after you have been exposed to it.

Have you ever been in the field and either known, or suspected, you were exposed to poison ivy or poison sumac? If you have, and act promptly, you can prevent or minimize your bodies reaction to the exposure to the urushiol oils that cause the inflammation on your skin. Dr. Jim Brauker has a great video that summarizes how urushiol effects you skin, and how to treat it. If you are short on time or a TL:DW type person the short answer is this. Wash the area thoroughly. Even if you do not have soap available at least use water and a cloth. The important thing is that your finish by using friction and a cloth to remove as much as the oil as possible.  In the video Dr. Brauker implies that for just washing, without using friction to remove the remaining oils, that Dawn dishwashing soap is more effective that Tecnu. I have reached out to http://www.teclabsinc.com, the makers of...
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GPS signal may be wonky in southern California on June 7, 9, 21,. 23, 28, 30th 2016

FAA GPS signal scramble area in California June 2016  If you are planning on using a GPS in California in this area on June 7, 9, 21,. 23, 28, 30th be advised that there will be a "GPS Disturbance Test" that on these days that could mess up your accuracy. The FAA Notice to Airmen is below.   FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS Interference Testing CHLK GPS 16-08 07-30 June, 2016 China Lake, California GPS testing is scheduled as follows and may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal. A. Location: Centered at 360822N1173846W or the BTY VOR 214 degree radial at 059 NM. B. Dates and times: 7 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z 9 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z 21 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z 23 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z 28 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z 30 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z C. Duration: Each event may last the entire requested period. D. NOTAM INFO: NAV (CHLK GPS 16-08) GPS (INCLUDING WAAS, GBAS, AND ADS- B) MAY NOT BE AVBL WI A 476NM RADIUS CENTERED AT 360822N1173846W (BTY 214059)...
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A new Nasca Geoglyph found by Yamagata University Institute of Nasca in Peru

New Nazca Geoglyph Found in Peru Following up on the discovery by Yamagata University Institute's Prof. Masato Sakai of 24 new geoglyphs in the Nasca Region of the Peruvian South Coast in 2014 and 2015 the team has identified a new 33m geoglyph that could be linked to a near by major ceremonial center. The new geoglyph is located within the central area of the Nazca pampa, a large, flat, arid region of Peru. The line drawing is of an animal, with many legs, what appear to be spotted markings and which is sticking out its tongue. “It certainly represents an imaginary or mythical creature,” Masato Sakai at the Yamagata University in Japan, said. Most of the geoglyphs are almost invisible on the surface and the team needed to analyze them using a three-dimensional scanner to highlight the images on the ground. As a result, the Yamagata University team was able to identify 24 geoglyphs of animals, some of which probably depict Andean...
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Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. That is celebrated on September 16.

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. That is celebrated on September 16. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. That is celebrated on September 16. The Cinco de Mayo holiday celebrates an unexpected victory: the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexican army won the battle despite being smaller and ill-equipped. Have a great day! ~Gloria Everson
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Make America Great Again...

Make America Great AgainBe careful what you wish for!
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