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Your Adventure in Archaeology Starts Here.

ShovelBums is the worlds largest provider of Archaeology, Academic, and Cultural Resource Management (CRM) related jobs. Since 1999 ShovelBums has filled over 30,000 positions in academia, archaeology and CRM.

If you are looking to start a career in archaeology or CRM it begins, and ends, here. This is where your peers and mentors all started (except the really old ones that I worked with back in the day when we only heard about jobs by word of mouth, fax machines, and printed letters).

ShovelBums is also home to the Comprehensive International Guide to Archaeology, Anthropology and CRM Field Schools.

How do I post a job R. Joe?

If you are a member of the ShovelBums mailing list you can send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I, or a moderator, will receive a notification that a message is pending and I will check it out to be sure it meets the standards of ShovelBums. I will then (usually) approve it right away and it will immediately be sent out to the 16,500+ members of ShovelBums.

The great thing? If one of the members of ShovelBums is not the right fit for the position, it is likely they know someone who is! 

You can read more about the how and why you should be using ShovelBums for your academic or CRM position announcements here (Hint: its cheap and huge!)

I'm not a member of the ShovelBums list, how do I join?

First: Get a chicken...

Second: Follow this link and there are instructions on how to join. It only takes a couple of minutes and it is mostly painless.

Third: Get rid of the chicken.

How do I find a job R. Joe?

Well if you are slacker you can view the current jobs here (note that link brings you off site. My mailing list host changed settings and messed up my ability to have those posted here, I am working on a fix).

BUT! You really should join the ShovelBums mailing list to be notified immediately by email when a job comes out. Besides the immediacy of email, the emails you receive have full contact information in them, when the job postings that are archived online they have their email addresses obfuscated for security. So show your future employer you are smart and join the email list, it is relatively low volume and you can choose a digest mode. But it really is the smart way to keep current on jobs. You can sign up for the mailing list here: Join Here 

Why the name ShovelBums? It sounds pejorative.

To the best of my knowledge my mom, who is quite clever, came up with the term when I was describing to her what it was like being on the road doing "contract" archaeology back in the day. The term "can" be pejorative if used by someone who is not an archaeologist, but within the field it is a term used to signify that mutual understanding that you each know what it is like to live on the road having to do the highest quality work, in the least amount of time, under arduous conditions. You can read more about the origins of the word here. Errata ShovelBums in undergoing some intermittent upgrades. Sorry if you run into any glitches. If you do. Feel free to drop me a not using the contact form (it is located in the left hand column at the bottom).