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Last call for summer 2015 Field Schools

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Final grades are being tallied. This is your last chance to get OUT of a job this summer and instead sell your family on the fact you are expanding your education! 

Seriously. If you can make it work. Go to a field school. It will change your life.

As an added bonus I was recently a guest on the Archaeology Podcast Network for a special they did on Field Schools in late March and completely forgot to plug it! It is a great episode, #56.1, and you can listen to it here:

The entire podcast is excellent (as are all that the APN produces), but if you are in a hurry right now there are some nice highlights at:

56:35 - Find the best field school you can

58:30 - Don’t sleep with you professors (and vice-versa)

1:00:20 - Don’t get crazy with your drinking and do NOT car surf. You do NOT want to wake up in a 3rd world hospital (from personal experience).

1:02:10 - Do NOT be a dick. The connections you make and people you meet in field school are still going to be there 40 years from now if you stay in the career.

Also be sure to listen to the much shorter episode 56.1.1. (on the same page as episode 56.1). It is about 7 minutes of outtakes from episode 56.1 that Chris needed to cut to make it a reasonable length. But it has some great bits in, including me discussing Jennifer Palmers superwoman powers.

And if you have a field school that is still short on students and is listed in the ShovelBums directory then drop me a note today so I can call attention to it in the final spring issue of the field school edition that will be going out Wednesday.

You can browse the field schools here


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