Whose your daddy? Happy Father's day to you and all of your ancestors back to your Animalia roots!

Happy Father's Day!

So whose your daddy? Watch this great video by Jurian Möller a Dutch graphic designer that beautifully illustrates the last 550 million years of evolution of your daddy!  Julian not only gives you a running tabulation of the species visualized and the corresponding dates, but he also gives you a great grandfather+ generation count! The grandfather count tops out around 317,000,000.  The video takes you from your dad (who I is THE modern man) to primate ancestors, amphibian and all the way to Animalia and back again in seconds.

IMHO this video is a brilliant depiction of where you came from. Something to reflect on this Father's Day.  I am not affiliated with Jurian in anyway, but if you want to own this animated artwork that he has put into a 30-meter-long book, you can order it from his website here: http://evoboek.nl/en/




Happy Father's Day (with Ham)

Happy Father's Day (with Ham)



Happy Father's Day (with no Ham)

Happy Father's Day (without Ham)


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