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CH2M is looking Archaeologist to assistance on a variety of projects
throughout the western United States. This position involves providing
cultural resources support for planning, engineering, and construction
services to government, military, and commercial clients.

As a mid-level archaeologist you will have the opportunity to work on
projects that require compliance with the National Historic Preservation
Act (NHPA), Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA), National
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Native American Graves Repatriation and
Protection Act (NAGPRA), and state regulations. All work will be conducted
under the guidance of senior cultural resources staff. You will also have
the opportunity to be a key team member working with scientists, engineers,
project managers, and other project staff across nearly all business
sectors and services in the company. You will also be responsible for
working on all aspects of cultural resources projects, including background
research; fieldwork (Phase I survey, Phase II testing, and Phase III
mitigation); preparing CEQA, NEPA, and NHPA technical reports; coordinating
consultation with State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPO), Tribal
Historic Preservation Officers (THPO), Native American Tribes, Advisory
Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), and multiple state, federal, and
local agencies, including California Energy Commission, U.S. Forest

Service, and Bureau of Land Management; evaluating properties for
eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP),
preparing determinations of eligibility, and completing state survey forms.
The successful candidate should have, including at least 2 years as a
Principal Investigator; meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for
qualifications for principal archaeologist; and be a Registered
Professional Archaeologist. If you’re up for the challenge, we’ve been
looking for someone just like you. Join our team and help us lay the
foundation for human progress.

Our Archaeologist:
• Coordinate compliance with and provide assistance concerning NHPA, ARPA,
NAGPRA, NEPA, and state environmental regulations and other laws relating
to the protection of cultural resources.
• Conduct archival research and background records checks.
• Conduct all aspects of archaeological fieldwork (Phase I-III) and
• Supervise field technicians and/or field crews.
• Conduct analyses and prepare technical reports as necessary for
day-to-day cultural resources management projects.
• Evaluate resources for the NRHP and state registers of historic
• Support clients during agency and tribal consultation.
• Provide support and work with senior-level cultural resources staff.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Must be motivated and able to work safely with minimum supervision.

Basic Qualifications:

Demonstrated work experience in the archaeology of California and the
western United States.
• Master’s Degree in Anthropology or Archaeology.
• Meeting the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for qualifications for
principal archaeologist
• Minimum of four years of professional archaeological experience,
including two years at the principal investigator level.
• Basic knowledge of historic preservation laws and policies, including
• Experience using GPS technology.
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.
• Must be capable of walking for long periods of time over unfamiliar
terrain, excavating shovel tests and test units, screening soil, and
carrying field equipment.
• Must be willing and able to travel frequently and for long periods of
time, as needed.


• Experience working in the consulting environment and ability to handle
multiple projects simultaneously and be responsive to both internal and
external clients.
• Qualified as an archaeologist in California with the following agencies:
California Energy Commission, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land
• Qualified or able to qualify to hold archaeological permits in Utah and
• Preferred years of experience: 4-6

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