ShovelBums Field Schools in Africa as of March, 10 2016

Africa - Egypt - Giza Plateau Mapping Project (GPMP), Egypt Archaeological Field Training - 2016

Archaeological field training at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. This intensive five-week field-study program, takes place at the Old Kingdom settlement site of Heit el-Ghurab, as part of Ancient Egypt Research Associates' multi-disciplinary archaeological project. The program provides five academic credits awarded by the American University in Cairo.

Africa - Ethiopia - Shire Field School - 2016


Located in the Shire region of Northern Ethiopia, this field school will allow students the opportunity to excavate a site which is virtually unexplored. The site, the region, and its complex cultural heritage, provide important information on the sub-Saharan counterpart of the Greco-Roman world. This societies economic base of agriculture and trade resulted in close contact with the North, and an adoption of early Christianity. The Shire Archeological Project concession comprises of extensive ancient remains dating from the prehistoric to the medieval period. It includes two large sites, Mai Adrasha and Mezaber Adi Menaber. During the 2016 season, students will work in Mai Adrasha, a site under thereat of destruction due to continuing panning of natural gold by the local population.

Africa - Senegal - Bandafassi Field School 2016


The goal of the Bandafassi Historical Landscape Project (BHLP) is to study such processes and identify the temporal and cultural changes the region experienced and that are shaping it today. The BHLP 2016 field school will undertake an archaeological, anthropological, and historical study of this landscape, with particular focus on the village site of Ethiowar Ancien occupied during the 18-19th centuries CE.

Africa - Tanzania - Archaeology and Geology Field School at Olduvai Gorge - 2016


This program offers exciting six-week study abroad experience in Tanzania at the world’s most famous archaeological site. During this intensive field course students will learn fundamentals of geological processes and develop skills in fossil and archaeological exploration by receiving first-hand field experience including excavations, mapping stratigraphic sections and conduct archaeological experiments. Field instruction will take students to nearby Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti where their diverse savanna ecosystems provide important modern analogs for understanding the relationship between the Earth’s systems, cultural landscapes and hominin evolution in natural environments. Ngorongoro and Serengeti are world famous Safari destinations and students will experience this lifetime study safari.

Asia - China - Yangguanzhai Field School - 2016

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