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ERCI is hiring seasonal on-call field technicians for small shovel-testing projects, primarily from Seattle, WA to the Canadian border (including the Puget Sound Islands and the Cascades). These projects are mostly without per diem or accommodations budgets. Base pay is $16.00/hour; higher depending on education and experience. Could turn into permanent work Send CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Minimum Requirements:
a.. Minimum BA in anthropology, archaeology, history or a related field
b.. Must have successfully completed an archaeological field school
c.. Must have a valid drivers license and be able to operate motorized vehicles
d.. Must demonstrate an ability to excavate and document 20 shovel tests a day
a.. A keen interest in historic objects and features
b.. Positive attitude and a passion for protecting archaeological resources
c.. Must be looking to become part of a team
ERCI is a small firm with a collaborative and creative working culture. Check out our website at www.equinoxerci.com

Kelly R. Bush ERCI
1229 Cleveland Avenue Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
off: 360.826.4930 cell: 360.661.0356
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